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Message for Norwich in new book from minister

Finding the Place Where God Speaks is the title of a new book from ex Norwich church minister Nicky Samuel. Review by John Myhill.

NickySamuelCover350Nicky writes from her own spiritual experience, recounting how God has led her from a child’s openness, to a clear understanding of what we need to stop doing, so that God can speak through what we say and do.
She says things which the world, and many “Christians” do not want to hear: sin stops us listening, we must first seek forgiveness; feelings and our thinking can make us believe we are being led by God, when we are merely rationalising our own desires and ambitions. 
God may well tell us to do things we do not want to do and we must reply: “not my will but thine”.  But once we put our selfishness to one side and do His will, as shown in the Bible, God can give us incredible insight (hours of teaching in seconds) and show us the hidden lives of those around us, so that we work only with those who are also genuinely listening to God.
The book has a big message for the “Godless City of Norwich”.  There can be no compromise with evil.  We may only be able to rescue a few from consumerist addictions (as from Sodom (Genesis 19) or we may preach reluctantly (as Jonah to Nineveh – Jonah chapter 3), and be confounded when the people turn to God.  But listening to God is neither comfortable nor easy. 
Evangelists must not pretend we can serve God and greed.  The joy of living with Jesus Christ, is that we will happily suffer with him when necessary.
Nicky Samuel “Finding the place where God Speaks is available on Amazon

Since 2007 Norwich minister Rev Nicky Samuel has been living and ministering in India, with her husband Pastor Zion Samuel (both pictured above). The couple lead Hope Community Trust which works with some of the poorest people in India. Nicky and the charity are linked with Grace Christian Fellowship which meets at St Edmund’s Church, Fishergate, in Norwich.
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