Bishop delivers message of 'oneness' at ministers lunch 

David Carr
Church ministers from Norwich and the surrounding area gathered to listen to Bishop David Carr at the 'ministers together' lunch on December 7.


Bishop David Carr has been in ministry for over 50 years, working both nationally and internationally, and has served as Senior Pastor of the Renewal Christian Centre for 44 years in the West Midlands.  Almost 50 Ministers enjoyed a 3 course Christmas lunch together and the opportunity to hear from David.

David brought a timely message to Transforming Norwich about ‘oneness’.  In the Bible King David shared about unity in Psalm 133, but Jesus prayed for oneness (John 17v20-21), and this was a deeper love and relationship with each other.  David Carr shared at a morning session and after the lunch provided opportunity for Ministers to ask questions about any part of their ministry or challenges they were facing.

Danny Doran-Smith, Chair of Transforming Norwich, said, “David Carr’s message is key for this city in this next season.   Acts 2 reminds us that they were all in one place in one accord when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost .  The pursuit of oneness is something we need to respond to and is an important principle of transformation.”

Revd. Dominic De Souza from One Church said, "I appreciated Bishop Carr's challenging call to us to move not simply from division to unity but towards biblical oneness.  As leaders this will mean not simply operating at the level of our individual churches but thinking apostolically as elders at the city gates and taking responsibility together for our city as a whole."

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Published: 09/12/2016