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Norwich church parody of Christmas advert 

The annual John Lewis Christmas advert is much-anticipated by many people - but a growing number in the city were anticipating St Thomas' Church's take on the advert, which was released last week.

The advert from St Thomas Church in Norwich is a way of inviting people in the local community to come to church over Christmas, and to consider 'giving a Christmas that lasts'.

Jillian from St Thomas, who created the film said, "The Christmas ad or John Lewis Parody has become an annual event at St Thomas. It’s a way of having some fun and inviting people along to our Christmas services, while reminding people about the true meaning of Christmas."

The short video features the church mascot Tommy the Tiger and members of the congregation bouncing on a trampoline - including 'Kevin the carrot' - a nod to the big supermarkets' efforts to engage their audience at Christmas. Over 4,000 people have viewed the advert in just a few days. Jillian said, "So far, people have loved it. We encourage other churches to use it as we hope it reaches as many people as possible."

Click on the image above to view the advert

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