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Yarmouth preacher’s new book of Revival poetry 

Paul Juby, an 85-year old Methodist lay preacher from Great Yarmouth has recently published his fifth book, ‘Revival For All From the Shoulder’, a book of 155 poems intended to challenge both people who have no faith and those that do.

Following what he describes as ‘adventuresome life’ 85-year old Paul Juby, a Methodist lay preacher from Great Yarmouth, started writing in 2006 and discovered a love for blank verse poems. 

He has recently published his fifth book, ‘Revival For All From the Shoulder’ containing 155 poems with titles such as ‘Don’t Miss the Boat’, ‘Get High!’ and ‘Pew Potatoes’, all intended to challenge the reader in the direction of faith.

PaulJubySmallThe book is the third in his ‘Revival… From the Shoulder’ series, so called because they spare no punches.  

Paul said: “Evangelism is a word which seems to scare churches. Apart from Pentecostals and a few other outstanding churches evangelism is ignored yet biblically it cries out. Therefor EVERY poem is in some way a challenge. For the unbeliever there are ways to come to Christ. For the static Christian there are many wake up calls. For the dedicated Christian there are poems to be uplifted and to use - and then for Pastors with open minds there is help for them.”

Paul’s writing began with "The Road to Jesus Is Never Closed", an autobiography.  In 1952 Paul went to Malaysia at the age of 20 to work in a commercial firm.  Although his father was a Methodist minister and although he attended church he was not a Christian.

Paul said: “In Malaysia I attended Penang Wesley Chuch. It was a vibrant church with an American pastor, Dr Marmaduke Dodsworth who gave me a warm welcome. He also advised me to join the Methodist Youth Fellowship of about 50 teenagers.”

“I was very impressed that most members came from Buddhist or Hindu homes and that some, when making a decision to follow Christ, had to decide on Christ rather than their parents - knowing they were risking being disowned. Their testimonies and actions convinced me I was missing so much and I accepted Christ as my Saviour.”

Dr Dodsworth asked Paul to set up a Boys' Brigade Company and the Company still flourishes 64 years on. Paul said: “I also started another Company up country which has so far produced 5 pastors. I revived another Company later on that was down to 3 members and has, since I left it, reached 300 members. I have, praise the Lord, seen the Boy’s Brigade go from 30 to over 10,000 members and spread to Indonesia and Thailand where membership is in thousands and still growing.”

Following retirement from the rubber industry Paul returned to the UK and was invited to preach among the Great Yarmouth circuit churches which he has been doing since. Every year he and his wife, Evelyn, go back to Malaysia to give support to the Boy’s Brigade Companies.

Paul prays that God will use his books to change lives. He said: “I believe that the Lord has been the One to have me write.”

Paul’s books are available to buy on Amazon.

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