New era as Norwich church moves to different venue 

One year after formally joining the Elim network of churches and inducting new pastors, One Church (formerly TLC) has relocated from Drayton Hall to The Hewett Academy in Norwich.

The move took place on Sunday October 2 as pastors Dominic and Catherine De Souza led the church to the new site.

Dominic preached on forgetting the former things and embracing the new thing that God is doing and said that there was a strong sense of freedom and anticipation for the future.

“This relocation marks a new era for One Church as God gives us a new wineskin to receive the new wine that we believe He wants to pour out in these days,” he said.

“The church has existed in Drayton for around six years but as a leadership team we knew we needed to move to a new site where, under the Lord’s direction, we could be in control of our own destiny.”

Catherine said: “The new location, as well as being in an area to which our hearts were being increasingly drawn, gives One Church access to a mission field in the city where the gospel is much needed. We are excited to be relocating into the city and doing our part, alongside other churches, in seeing the kingdom of God extended there.”

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Pictured above are Dominic and Catherine De Souza at a One Church meeting.


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