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Harvest can be a time of real struggle

Simon Snell describes how a little help can go a long way at harvest time in Kenya.

In Kenya, harvest can often be a time of real struggle. Climate change is making it harder for poorer farmers to survive.
Very recently I had the privilege of visiting Kenya in my role with Christian Aid and met a remarkable woman called Rodah. For many years she tried to grow vegetables on a small plot of dry land. Every day she walked a gruelling six miles, carrying back heavy containers of water, just to keep her crops alive.
Despite her hard work, Rodah's harvest was never enough. She had to make the agonising decision to feed her family rather than pay for her children to go to school. She felt terrible that she couldn’t educate her children.
But since Christian Aid reached Rodah’s community, things have changed. In a river running near her house, Christian Aid built the community a “sand dam” through our trusted local partner.
In these parts of Kenya, there can be no rainfall for months, turning river beds into dry ribbons of sand.  Simply by putting walls deep into the rivers, water collects in the sand behind the dam.  People like Rodah can then use it in their homes and to water their crops.
Now Rodah has the precious water she needs to nurture her land.  She has expanded her garden to produce enough food to eat, with surplus to sell, and these days she’s even able to provide casual work for her neighbours - helping her entire community to thrive. At last Rodah can afford to send her children to school, giving them lots of opportunities for the future.
This harvest-time, many churches across Norfolk will be showing the love of Christ and making a difference to some of the poorest communities across the world through Christian Aid.


SimonSnell600 Simon Snell works for Christian?Aid in Norfolk.

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