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Mind the Gap - God is there

Mind the Gap 400SXAlison Hill reminds us that God is with us when we go through life’s changes, even when times are difficult.

Whilst standing at London underground stations we become incredibly alert when we hear the words “Mind the Gap” coming over the loudspeakers. Why do we need warning of what should be obvious to those who are just about to step onto their train?
People can be so focused on their destination and the vehicle that will take them there that they ignore potential dangers that await them in the process of shifting from one place to another. Thankfully we very rarely hear stories about those who fall in the gap.
People go through many different seasons in life but to shift from one to another usually results in a period of transition. For many, these transitions can be pain-free but to see real change we often go through trials and tribulations.
The bible is full of examples of this - We see God’s people in difficult situations over and over again. With God’s hand on His people these trials result in a shifting forward into the purposes of God. We cannot say that all of those who find God working in their lives have victory. Only those who are co-operating with God experience this.
Saul had God’s grace upon His life as he pursued David with intent to do him harm. At any stage in the 13 years of pursuit Saul could have submitted to God and repented of his ways, and yet He chose to doggedly pursue David to kill him. Saul ultimately lost His life in battle.
We, however, should learn from this that God’s plans cannot be thwarted by a man, and therefore when the trials come we should humbly walk with our God and allow the process of change to take root; so that we can move to the next season of our lives. Without allowing this process we stop the growth that is necessary for God to move us into our new season.
God opens our eyes to see what has been there all the time. His grace allows us to deal with one thing at a time so we are not overwhelmed by the process of change. The birthing pains of change can happen so quickly that we are left reeling from the circumstances that have hit us like a whirlwind, as we ask “Where is God in all of this?”. It is only when the dust settles and hearts have been healed that God begins to reveal His love in the situation, as well as the bigger picture. We can be lost in the emotions and the details of what we are going through but God is focused on the end result - a result that will bring glory to Him and release us into a greater freedom.
All we have to do is remember that when we feel lost, confused and possibly emotionally wrecked, that God is in the mess. In time, we will be healed; a peace will come and through the mist of our trials we begin to see a picture forming of the next stage of our lives.
So for those of you who have been through some tough times, remember that God is in the gaps of our lives. He is the one who stops us falling in between seasons. He is the one that encourages us to trust in the place of confusion. God is in the gap; making sure we don’t fall before we reach a place in which we see the vehicle and the open door that will take us on to our next destination. 

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Alison Hill CF 150Alison Hill has been involved in Christian ministry for twenty five years and attends her local church in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

She runs Butterfly Ministries, offering Christian workshops to churches, conferences, small and large gatherings, bringing teaching that encourages growth in all areas of Christian life. She is also an author, now writing her third book.

She believes that Christianity is about walking with God daily and learning about His ways through His Word and hearing His voice. 

Visit:   www.alisonhill-author.co.uk

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