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Norwich Christian charity launches sports project

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Christian charity ENYP has launched Kickstart, a sports and outreach project which offers a tailored programme of either football or multi-sports to cater for the interests of young people in Norfolk.

Kickstart is focused around sports and encouraging young people to be more physically active, but at the same time it also provides the opportunity for young people to develop a range of life skills, including; team work, communication, discipline and respect, and confidence and self-esteem.

ENYP has recently delivered Kickstart as an afterschool club in St Edmunds Primary School in Acle and received some really positive feedback from both the young people and the Headteacher.  Young people said “I think its really fun, I really enjoy it” and “I’ve never played handball before, I really enjoyed it!” 

Paul Henery, Headteacher of St Edmunds Primary School, said, “Kickstart club has given our pupils an excellent opportunity to play a range of sports and learn new sports and social skills.  They have enjoyed playing sports together whilst also thinking about what makes a good all round sports person.”

During the sessions young people tried out dodgeball, handball, benchball, football and unihoc and sessions were delivered to the needs of those attending.

Kickstart has the ability to be tailored to the interests of the group of young people, and can be offered in a range of settings e.g. holiday programmes, after school provision, and is delivered by ENYP’s qualified Sports and Outreach Worker.

Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP Director, said “the heart of ENYP’s constitution is to promote the holistic developmental needs of young people, and Kickstart is part of our delivery to support the physical needs of the young people we work with.  The project provides a sports activity whilst supporting young people to develop a range of life skills.  We’re pleased to see it was warmly received in Acle Primary, and we look forward to developing new more Kickstart clubs soon – if this is something you are interested in please get in touch with us”.

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