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Norwich Christian set for long term Tanzanian mission 

New Costessey Christian Joy McCann will head out to Tanzania on Sunday as a long term missionary, after visiting Africa for the first time in April, when she realised a vision God had given her during her 13 years of ill health with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

In April Joy McCann (25) from New Costessey embarked on a three week trip to visit the Christian organisation Tanzania Bridge of Hope.  On Sunday, May 29 Joy will head back to East Africa to serve as a long-term missionary.
Joy’s journey to Africa began in 2002 when she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME.  It was during this time that she had visions from God of a place in Africa where she was to go to when she was better. 

Last year after suffering with the illness for 13 years Joy was healed, through a lot of prayer at her church, Gateway Vineyard, in Norwich.
Here Joy describes her experience of visiting rural Mwanza in April and how it has led to her exciting decision to become a full time missionary with the organisation Tanzania Bridge of Hope. 

My trip to Tanzania was everything I dreamed it would be. As soon as we landed in Mwanza I could see the visions I had experienced as a child being fulfilled. I sat in the minibus being driven from the airport in a thrilled but stunned silence. I had seen where I was before, in my head through visions from God.
The people were so welcoming, selfless and the integrity of the organisation I went with was amazing. 
So much happened on the trip; we visited many different schools and churches to share our testimonies. The sea of faces needing hope and encouragement was overwhelming but the reaction when we shared what we felt God had given us to say, made me realise why we had been sent there.
My friend Veronica [who accompanied Joy on the trip] and I had both come from a place of illness and suffering, but we could testify to how God had healed us and given us a dream to be missionaries in Africa through it. That was the evangelism side of the trip, but we also made a lot of progress with the Tanzania Bridge of Hope organisation and team.
We rented a building for our daycare/pre-school! We raised money for the rent before we left and miraculously reached our target!  The building is now being prepared for opening and since being home we have heard from the team that parents are constantly calling to ask when their children can be registered.
It will be an English-speaking daycare to start with and we then plan to add a pre-school when the kids are older. The English speaking element seems to be the attraction, as it is a sought after skill in Tanzania leading to good jobs in the future.
When I was there I felt so at home and called to be there that I am now on my way back to live long-term as a missionary, doing more evangelism but also helping with the daycare and being on the ground as a link between the UK and Tanzania.
Once the daycare is ready I will be living in volunteer accommodation in the daycare building, and they would welcome international volunteers to live there also and help out in many different ways.
Tanzania Bridge of Hope has also just bought a lovely piece of land which we visited, and plans are currently being drawn up to build a Worship Centre for our organisation there. We had a worship service in the open air on the piece of land, which was so powerful and felt like we laid the foundation for the Worship Centre that day. Now we just have to build on it!
There is plenty to do! I'm so excited for what the future holds for our organisation and how God has brought me to this point in my life where I am now able to be a part of it!
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