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South Norfolk Bible school has worldwide links

The Way of the Spirit, runs a range of Bible teaching and training course from its base in South Norfolk, with links across the world.

WOTS320The Way of the Spirit is based at Framingham Earl Hall, south of Norwich, and seeks to bring the bible alive by helping Christians understand the same Holy Spirit who moved men and women in bible times still moves today, and to discover that God-life for themselves. 

The college, one aspect of the ministry’s work, was established in Norfolk in 2007, and teaches its students to hear God speak through the bible and has moved many on several continents. 

The training is open to all Christians who are interested in hearing God's life in the bible. 

Richard George, Director of The Way of the Spirit says 'all are welcome for that much needed time apart with God, in quiet beautiful surroundings. Expect to encounter God in the word and through the spirit in equal measure.'

All residential courses are held at the stunning 18th century college building just south of Norwich, and various options include full residential, non-residential with meals, and non-residential without meals.

The Way of The Spirit training is for those who want to go deeper intro scripture and bring God’s word to life:

Way of the Spirit History

At the end of the 20th century Dr John McKay spoke of a new way of approaching the bible, what he called a third way. Using the principles he taught, a team led by Richard George took up his original vision to impart life through Bible teaching, developing new materials, and raising up many new Bible teachers. As they travel around the UK and the world spreading the new way of the spirit they leave behind them people with fresh appetite for the word of God, wanting to learn how to draw upon it for greater revelation of who God is, who we are, what God has done in history (biblical and post-biblical) and therefore what we can do!

Programmes now operate in parts of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and India. The Way of the Spirit is also used in parts of Poland and Germany.  In most of these places the material is now being produced in the local vernacular.

Richard GeorgeRichard George (pictured right) and has led the ministry since 2001, having served John McKay at Roffey Place. Richard studied theology at King’s College London, and led a second-year course at Kingdom Faith Bible College for five years. He has travelled extensively teaching the Bible, including Germany, Spain, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and India. He has written new materials and trained many prophetic Bible teachers.

He said: “We thank God for the countless times he has miraculously provided for this work. We see increasing numbers of Christians in the UK, and beyond, discover life in their Bibles and teachers raised up and sent out.  We look ahead with great hope that we will play our part in, and see, the fulfilment of Wigglesworth’s famous prophesy about the biggest revival of all coming with the Word and Spirit  operating together. 

Contact Richard on richard.george@thewayofthespirit.com

How to contact us

Framingham Earl Hall,
Hall Road, Framingham Earl,

Norwich Norfolk NR14 7SB
01508 495346

Way of the Spirit is closely associated with Cornerstone Church, also based at Framingham Earl Hall. You can find out more here: http://cornerstonenorwich.org

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