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Community group brings Norfolk village to life 

“Let’s live life to our full potential!” –  that’s the focus of Society Alive, a vibrant community group which offers inspiration, training and even free three-course lunches at Clover Hill Village Hall in Bowthorpe, Norwich. Mike Wiltshire reports.

The project is the vision of a Norwich Christian couple, Godwin and Patience Unazi, who were born in north-central Nigeria.
Godwin and Patience and their team of volunteers prepare generous community lunches – a service they started more than two years ago. 
Life is busy for Godwin, who has two university degrees in agronomy and environmental science, and Patience, who has a degree in economics, as they have four children under eight years of age. The family also attends the nearby Bowthorpe Church.
“Our faith motivates us to reach out to people at all levels of society, regardless of age, race, gender, beliefs and so on. We want to help inject vitality into our community and encourage social cohesion,” says Godwin, who has a strong sense of social justice.
Society Alive not only offers lunches, but training and activities for young people ranging from arts and crafts to heath issues.
Godwin and Patience are always looking for volunteers to help run the ‘Young and Silver Time’ community café on the first and third Fridays of the month, introducing games for people of all ages. Another project, ‘Sewing Delight,’ offers free lessons every Monday between 10am and 1pm.
“We are always keen to start new community initiatives,” says Godwin.

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Pictured above are Godwin and Patience preparing a community lunch at Clover Hill, Norwich.

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