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Norfolk churches join anti-trafficking forum

Amnesty International are organising a forum on human trafficking in the Thetford area on Saturday April 23 and are opening it up to Christians who might become aware of, or be approached by people vulnerable to this complex crime.

The premise of the Forum is that Trafficking (a highly profitable serious and organised crime) is on the increase in the UK (up 21% last year) and Europe generally.

The Salvation Army website states:
“Human trafficking exists in our own, comfortable, local communities here in the UK. Everyone should be alert for the signs that someone you come across living nearby or working perhaps in a shop, on a farm or a building site, is not there of their own free will. They could look underfed, perhaps unwell or injured; frightened; not communicating; live in overcrowded housing.”

Readers might have been excused for thinking until recently that such things can't happen in Norfolk. the Home Secretary and Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies are amongst many who have said that people trafficking, forced prostitution and labour are pervasive and highly profitable crimes.

Thetford's demographic makes it a likely location and trafficking is often hidden in plain sight, existing in comfortable, local communities in the UK.

The forum aims to:

  • Raise awareness in and around Thetford of the signs of trafficked people.
  • Enable contacts and links to be made between individuals and groups.
  • Raise confidence in the reporting of suspicions.
  • Give clear guidance about contact details for referrals.

and will include the following speakers

  • Major Anne Read Salvation Army Anti-human trafficking coordinator
  • Mark English Human Trafficking coordinator Nfk & Sffk Constabularies
  • Speaker from Rose Project/Magdalene Group Norwich
  • Riel Karmy-Jones QC Senior Barrister; prosecutor of trafficking cases.
  • Adrian Finbow Enforcement Officer Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority

Richard Howitt MEP has been invited to chair the forum.

The forum will be held at the Salvation Army Hall, Magdalene St., Thetford, on Saturday April 23,  with registration and drinks from 10.00am and the forum will end at 1pm

The forum is FREE to all who wish to attend but it would be helpful for you to register by email with kmnicholls2014@gmail.com or by text message to  07808066733. This will assist with catering.


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