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Foodbank Award Norwich Foodbank bags social media award

Norwich Foodbank won the best use of social media award at the Network Norwich and Norfolk digital communication awards evening last November; we have been talking to them about the award and how they handle their social media presence.

“So much inspirational content and very visual in format, with plenty of photos, poems and interesting links. Someone obviously puts time into this” was one of the judges comments about Norwich Foodbank’s social media content.

Hannah Worsley, project manager for Norwich Foodbank is responsible for the group’s social media presence and she admits that it felt very daunting to start with “I was not on any form of social media before I got this role”, she said, “so I had to learn very quickly about Facebook and how I could use it to bring benefit to the foodbank.”

Hannah very quickly realised that to get the best from social media she had to update the pages on a regular basis with lots of photos, images and comments to support each post, “my barometer for content is very simple, if I find it interesting then others will, so it gets added”.

Realising how social media could assist the organisation Hannah started using the platforms to get messages out very quickly to supporters and volunteers, and highlight how Norwich Foodbank impacted peoples lives by publishing thank you’s and testimonies.

Foodbank ScreenshotIn the recent months the Facebook page has been used by potential clients of the foodbank to find out how they can receive a food package; Hannah has been able to effectively and quickly communicate with these people and guide them towards agencies who could help and support them. “I never expected that Facebook would be a way for those in need to contact us” Hannah added, “and it is such a pleasure to be able to help them in their time of need”.

Starting with Facebook, Hannah was able to learn some of the techniques before she took over the Twitter account for Norwich Foodbank. “They are very different” she said, “I see Facebook as more of a social site and Twitter as more professional, so I try to put different content on each platform”.

The growth of their online presence over the last twelve months has had a very positive impact according to Hannah, “we’ve seen an increase in volunteers and more targeted donations, and awareness of our work, and of foodbanks generally, has been raised. It also means we are connecting with and reaching a vast number of other agencies and individuals who otherwise might not have linked up with and/or supported us”.

Norwich Foodbank will continue to build their social media presence during 2016 using the simple, clear standards that Hannah has outlined above. 

Click here to see Norwich Foodbank’s Facebook page and here for their Twitter account.

Hannah Worsley is pictured collecting the award from Rev Graham James, Bishop of Norwich and Zofia Fronek, Business Development Manager, CCT Conference Centres. Picture by Kevin Gotts

Published: 13/01/2016