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Peace protest outside Norwich weapons firm 

With the war zone refugee crisis making headlines right across Europe, peace campaigners staged a protest outside Norwich weapons manufacturer, MSI Defence Systems Ltd, in Salhouse Road this morning.

The Norwich and Norfolk Campaign Against the Arms Trade (NNCAAT), which was set up originally by Quakers and supported by many Christians and other faith groups, ran a small protest today at the gates of MSI.
Quaker and peace protestor, John Myhill, said: “We protestors received many hoots of support from passing traffic on Salhouse Road, and people walking by admitted that having lived for years in the area, they had no idea that MSI were manufacturing weapons.
“Before the demonstration began, when the workers were still arriving, I walked into the arms manufacturers, to speak with some of the workers, as a long term union representative. I was somewhat shocked to be informed that there were no shop stewards and few union members.
“I pointed out that the dangers of the work were considerable, especially as they have a high profile, displaying their weapons at the Dicey Arms Fayre in London, later this month, particularly as I had been able to walk in without being challenged.”

Pictured above are protestors outside the MSI factory in Norwich. Picture courtesy of NNCAAT

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