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Rend Collective rock newday crowd in Norfolk

Rend Collective led worship and then did a late night gig in front of thousands at this year's newday event at the Royal Norfolk Showground near Norwich last night. Andy Latham reports.

Supported by the newday band and production team, Rend Collective wowed thousands of teenagers, leaders and visitors during the evening worship in the big top and then performed a late night gig in the same venue.

They were fitting this gig in between performing at Soul Survivor in Scotland, a week in the US and then back to the UK for Soul Survivor in Somerset meant that their time on site at newday was limited and very worthwhile. For more Rend Collective information please click here

The worship supported a wonderful time of healing and preaching and the gig, using old and new Rend Collective songs, was a wonderful celebration to end a great evening.

newday2015Last night’s evening worship included stories of miraculous healing from last years event, and during prayer after these stories were told many more people were healed of hearing loss, eye problems, knee pain and back pain.

Rend continue to amaze with the breadth of their energy and talent, and their different styles of music; thoughtful, reflective, through to lively and energetic, with lyrics that give wonderful praise to God and their individual talent with a variety of instruments always inspires.

Some of the new songs they performed will be available on their new album As Family We Go which is available for pre-order by clicking here

Newday is an annual event that has been held in Norwich for the last seven years, it attracts thousands of teenagers from across the UK and Europe who camp on-site for six days and enjoy teaching, sport, music, fellowship and an encounter with God, for more details please see the newday website by clicking here

Watch out for further newday reports on Network Norfolk over the next couple of days.


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