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Norwich Christian project launches dance co 


Norwich Christian project ENYP has launched Refuge Dance Comany, which will tour the county as part of the project's outreach programmes, promising creative and original performances.

Refuge is a new upcoming dance company that brings rawness and creativity to performance. The company comprises four very different and talented dancers and choreographer. The aim of Refuge Dance Company is to create dance works with a purpose. The company wants audiences to be provoked, watch pieces and get more than they expected, educating them on specific issues in the world today using a range of choreography.

Danny Doran-Smith, Director of ENYP, says “We’re pleased to be able to launch Refuge Dance Company this year, and look forward to seeing it tour across the region with their performances.  Dance has always been an outlet for creativity as part of our ENYP programmes, and we look forward to seeing how it continues to grow”.

About the dancers

The company is led by Gabrielle Vella, who holds a BA HONS in dance, who has recently graduated from the University of Chichester, and once created a dance company who toured nationally in the UK. Gabrielle has taught dance internationally, in places such as Africa and Europe, to people of all ages. She currently teaches dance to ages 4-18 with ENYP in and around Norwich and Norfolk. She is based in contemporary, street and ballet, however also has a wide range experience of different cultural dances, such as Rwandan and Romanian.

Kate created and led the dance department in the local charity ENYP for the last 7 years, and has lots of experience with street dance. She has performed and led over 100 young people of all ages to dance and the creative arts in Norwich and Norfolk. Kate has a raw edge about her movement and is a natural with choreography and performance.  Kate’s love for dance helps her movement style to adapt to any kind of choreography and bring lots of ideas, whether that’s technical, stage, sound, costume or lighting orientated.

Issie has been dancing all her life and loves ballet. She is experienced in ballet, tap and modern. She has performed in and around Norwich with local dance schools, still attends ballet classes, and is heavily experienced with point work. Issie is also very eager to learn different styles and push herself in not only performance and characterisation, but imagination and creativity.

Sam has taught dance classes all around Norwich with ENYP assisting Kate and Gabrielle, and is interested in learning new styles and fitness. She has currently been leading dance sessions for younger children and has grown massively in leadership, technique and performance. Sam has a massive passion for growing in dance, and learning new styles, which makes her movement fresh and adaptable.

Refuge Dance Company will be soon touring in and around Norwich and Norfolk, starting from September 2015, so keep an eye out and come and experience a performance full of creativity and originality!

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