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'Little bit of heaven' at Norfolk Intents camp 


‘Marvellous, joyful madness’ was promised in the lead up to Intents Youth Festival near Dereham this year, and that which was promised was received in abundance, reports Sequoia Mallett.

The festival took place on Brandon House Farm, in Brandon Parva. It was organised by Adam Jackson of Archway Ministries and his team, and backed by Urban Saints.

From the outset of the weekend on 22nd May there was laughter circulating the campsite as young people and their not so young youth leaders wrestled with tents; this laughter and an atmosphere of pure joy continued throughout the entire bank holiday, with many young people deepening their relationship with God whilst attending seminars, playing wide games, and indulging in a hot chocolate or two at the cafe.

Intents1CFDescribed by JJ Waters as “a little piece of heaven”, speakers, such as Matt Somerfield, Jeremy Bishop, and the Bishop of Norwich were invited from far and wide to share their knowledge and help build upon the faith and understanding of each delegate, with some choosing to give their life to Jesus at different points across the weekend, and others developing upon previously unknown or untapped spiritual gifts, such as prophesy.

Worship this year, led by Jamie Whitten, also saw many young people engaging with God actively, and for some, for the first time.

Between God and His goodness, delegates were also able to form community and maintain the atmosphere, mainly through a massive water fight, a dodgeball tournament, and a night-time game of ‘Zombies’, all of which saw the competitive streak of youth groups- particularly their leaders- shine through. Delegates were also lucky enough to once again turn their hand to some craft- this year medieval wood carving- with Steve Eggleton as part of the Via Beata project, which proved to be a popular, if incredibly noisy pastime for many!

When not worshipping, praying, learning, crafting, or competing, both delegates and team could be found relaxing in the Cafe, playing cards, drinking hot chocolates, or simply catching a few extra minutes of sleep before moving on to the next activity!

Intents3CFOverall, the weekend has been described as, ”empowering young people into action”, “tonnes of fun and so encouraging”, and, simply, “wooooooooooow”, all of which speak volumes on how varied yet spectacular Intents 2015 was.

Intents 2016 is from 27th-30th May, and early-bird booking is open, with a discounted price of £36 and coupons for delegates for the fully catered weekend.  After a sell out year this time, weeks before it was expected, its highly recommended people book in quickly this year!  

Find out more at www.intents.org.uk

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