Prayer, praise and repentance at Norwich GDOP

Prayer, praise and public repentance were key parts of a Global Day of Prayer service in Norwich Cathedral on Sunday May 24, attended by 250 Christians from many different churches. Keith Morris reports.

The service was part of the annual day when millions of believers from hundreds of countries join together in a global day of prayer on Pentecost Sunday.
In Norwich, the service was also the culmination of a week when spiritual and cultural transformation expert Dr Alistair Petrie, of Partnership Ministries, was in Norwich at the invitation of churches together group, Transforming Norwich.
Opening the service, Phil Thorne, pastor at Alive Church Norwich, said: “Today on Pentecost Sunday, we join together across the whole world, changing the atmosphere by the power of the Holy Spirit. We stand united with Christians in stadiums, in open fields, in hidden places and in amazing cathedrals.
“We are part of a global movement to see prayer make a difference. God is moving in His awesome power and He is challenging us to be part of the journey, a journey that is not about us, but about a world in desperate need for His glory and compassionate love.”
Worship was led by the band from Alive Church.
GDOPPetrie450Preaching on the theme of transformation, Dr Petrie said: “Transformation has to start with one united church or group of people. Repentant hearts are behind every authentic revival of God.
“God’s spirit is upon the city of Norwich. You have His attention. You need to be serious about whether you are going to commit to this.
“God always fills the size of the container we offer to Him. Norwich is a distinctive city which has a unique purpose in the work of God,” said Dr Petrie.
He went on to emphasise the important role of pastors and intercessors.
“I pray that the pastors will pastor together and work together. That they will prefer each other and not compete. This will cause trust to grow.”
A time of public repentance ended the service, led by Jill Gower, director of Call to Prayer on behalf of church congregations and Rev Nigel Fox from Wroxham Road Methodist church on behalf of church pastors.

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Pictured above is the GDOP service at Norwich Cathedral and preacher Dr Alistair Petrie.

Published: 28/05/2015