New book tells Christian story of Letton Hall 

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The story of Letton Hall, a Christian conference centre in Norfolk, is one of love and perseverance, as detailed in Peter Carroll’s book which shows how God used his people to build his kingdom. 

Review by Helen Baldry

Peter Carroll's book An Apprentice in the Lord's Workshop tells the story of the establishment of Letton Hall as a Christian centre in Norfolk. It is also the personal story of a life given to serving the Lord. 

Peter bought the property in Shipdam, mid Norfolk, 35 years ago specifically for development as a Christian centre - after very clear guidance from the Lord. 
Reading the book shows that Letton Hall is an important Christian centre and gives a glimpse of the many lives who have been touched. Groups from West Runton were the first to use the centre. Visitors returned year after year to attend Kart Camps on the legendary track outside the hall. Missionaries have been prepared at Letton for overseas experience and numerous church groups have found the space and peace needed to connect with God at Letton.

The book contains photos of some of the groups who stayed there as well as the many people who shaped Letton Hall; the resident couples, Ken and Pat Webb, Stephen and Pippa Mawditt, Gerald and June Rootham, Brian and Janet Adams, Bill and Val Crudington, Richard and Rachel Kehoe and Danny and Alison Pritchard described as “treasured assets”.

Life at Letton was not plain-sailing and Peter writes about his own experience of bereavement. The circumstances seem tragic but it is clear from reading the book that Peter approaches challenges with God’s perspective, as well as positivity and childlike trusting.

The story of Letton Hall is not Peter’s story, but a story of how God drew many people together over the years to contribute to the development of Letton. Trustees John Currey, Phil and Pat Webb, Neil and Jane Starling, Martin Lodge and Gwyn Jordan followed God’s guidance for the project.

The challenges which come from maintaining an old building are many and the problems with plumbing, drainage and dry rot – and the desperate need for finances - were an ongoing concern.

Peter describes many occasions where finances went right down to the wire and the instances where it seemed impossible to continue. Yet there are equally as many instances that God moved surely and powerfully in the provision of people and the funding to continue – which was confirmation that God was in control at Letton.

PeterCarroll350The heart of the book is Peter’s vision of being an apprentice in the Lord’s workshop. He said, “I’ve always liked the thought of Letton Hall being like a workshop – a place where people can come and stay for a day, a week or even longer, and experience God at work in practical and tangible ways. Our Lord recruited his apprentices and looked after them in a truly powerful way.”

The book is written with humour and honesty. This is a must-read for anyone who has stayed at Letton Hall and also for anyone who would like to read a practical, yet miraculous story of how God works amongst his people.

The book follows previous work by Peter Carroll in 2011 entitled Lives and Loves of Letton Hall outlining the 250-year history of Letton Hall. It is mostly a secular history, although the Christian history plays an important part. Peter's latest book complements the earlier account.

An Apprentice in the Lord's Workshop is 204 pages with 85 illustrations £9.99 from Alderway Publishing
Order direct from Peter by email or phone 01603 664864. The book is also available from the Letton hall bookshops and key Norfolk bookshops and online.

Click here to read about Peter's previous book 

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