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Hanna conquers Norfolk for Compassion UK 

She came, she gave and she conquered. International singer, songwriter,  Philippa Hanna celebrated on the Mulbarton stage in South Norfolk on Friday November  7 with her rhythmic and melodic renditions – telling out in word and lyric how her Saviour took her from depression to his glorious consolation. Sandie Shirley reports.

PhilippaHanna450Philippa’s vibrant heart-stopping performance using over a dozen acclaimed compositions, “brought joy to the smallest tot and the man of 87 and everyone in between,” said organiser Tania Davies.

A small, neat figure in black, Philippa strummed her guitar as husband Joel struck up the beat with percussion.  She pitched her vocals ever-higher, sending out her country folk message to a packed village hall as the crowds applauded and asked for more.
With Work in Progress, she charted her life as an adoring daughter of a showbiz father to a fallen adolescent and rising starlet with her Saviour Jesus, against a backdrop of anecdotal humour and passionate testimony.    
Hope and encouragement stoked the senses and melted hearts as she dedicated her classic rendition of Raggedy Doll to everyone in the 80-strong audience.  A message of God’s unequivocal love was told out through the toymaker of the little rag doll he had made with lines like: “You were beautifully and wonderfully made I don’t make mistakes… I loved you since the day you were sewn…. from your hands down to your toes”.  She continued the self-esteem theme with I am Amazing – a gutsy passionate score, reminding us just who we are in God.   
 She also moved the audience to tears when she sang Shark – a compassionate cry to the self-harming generation to find Jesus for their scars …. “your scars are my scars, they run just as deep on my heart.”
Philippa also charted her own route from darkness to light using tracks from her most recent album: Through the Woods.  The fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White mirrored her former adolescent life of depression and looking for love with genius lyrical inspirations such as Cherry Coloured Coat and Apples. She took us along the darkened tracks of her life and out the other side with a happy gospel number and Lighthouse –“….you are a lighthouse, my hope in the blackout, I don’t know how you found me.”      
The event was staged by Mulbarton mother-of-four, Tania Davies and helped raise £300 for Compassion UK, of which Philippa is an advocate.  

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