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Norwich Christian project runs course for girls

Norwich Christian youth project ENYP is offering a creative course for girls aged 11 - 18 to help build their self esteem.


In today’s culture identity and low self-esteem often remain a challenge that young women face as they mature into adolescence, and this is something identified within a youth work setting.  ENYP delivers a course specifically focused on tackling some of these issues.
“I’m The Girl I Want to be” is an innovative and creative course for girls aged 11-18, taking young women on a journey through issues of self-esteem, image, sex and relationships, dreams and aspirations and much more. The course provides an opportunity for girls to get together, form great friendships, share opinions and talk about all the issues that affect them and interest them everyday…appearance, fashion, TV, magazines, relationships, sex, being single, feeling great about themselves…and aims to give them the confidence they need be the girl they want to be!
Kim Lawrence, ENYP’s Senior Youth and Children’s Worker, said “We see so many girls through our work with issues ranging from self-harm to bullying to severe shyness.  The root of so many of these issues is low self-esteem and low self-worth.  The ‘I’m the Girl to want to be’ course looks at these deep core issues in the girls who attend and helps them process where they are now, where they want to be and how to get there.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for girls to flourish into the young women they want to be”.

Course sessions focus on:

  • ‘through the looking glass’ – individuality
  • ‘mirror mirror’ – exploring the pressures about beauty
  • ‘fashion victim’ – the influence of the media on self-image
  • ‘Bezzy mate Love or Hate’ – building blocks for great relationships
  • ‘Sex and the nitty gritty’ – attitudes, values, pressures and the reality of sex
  • ‘Loves me, loves me not’ – emotions and relationships
  • ‘Dreams, quests and Prince Charming’ – the merits of being sings as well as looking at life goals and plans, and
  • ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ – looking back over the course and to the future. 
ENYP has experienced female staff who are licensed and trained to deliver this acclaimed course in different settings, and they are about to launch this in high schools across the county.
There are a range of ways the course can be delivered, including:
  • In a high school with a small group where the course is tailored to a fixed number of weeks
  • Within existing youth groups
  • Tailored as a one-off course specific to young people you work with. 
ENYP are the only team licensed in the county to deliver the course.  If you are interested in this course being made available and to discuss options for delivery we would be happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss it further.
Please contact;, phone 07599544038 or visit the ENYP website –

James S Robbins 24/04/2019 06:46
Great post. You have shared a post which is so relevant today. This blog shares an important topic.
In today’s society, girls face a lot of problems. Every day when we read news paper we can see a lot of news about the problems faced by girls. Things are worse in today’s world. It is truth. Every girl has the right to live peacefully in this world like men. They need security. They need happiness. But most of the time they are insecure. Girl’s security is a one of the most concerning issue today. As said here, many girls face issues ranging from self harm to bullying to severe shyness. Self esteem is most important think in our lives. Most of the girls face many challenges in their lives. It may be from their family, or society. To face these challenges self esteem and self respect is needed. Girls have right to do what they like. They have dreams. Of course it may be challenging. But they can achieve it. Nowadays many girls give up their dreams because of lack of confidence and challenges. But, today world has changed a lot. And girls should follow their dream and fulfill it.
This course is definitely a great initiative. Today girls need these types of course. It can help girls to improve their self confidence. Girls need it so much. To succeed in life they need self esteem and courage. They have all right to become the woman they want to be. Nothing can prevent them from achieving their dreams.
I am so glad that I have visited this site. We need these types of courses more to inspire a lot of girls. Thank you so much for sharing the post. Keep it up your good work. And keep n sharing more posts.
Please visit :

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