Peter in Norwich tells of triumph over tragedy

PeterGladwin4002013: Peter Gladwin whose life nearly ended in tragedy, told his story at at an FGB inspirational Dinner evening in Norwich at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, on Friday, July 12.

“Peter’s story is one of the most compelling messages of hope you will ever hear – an amazing story of triumph over adversity,” says the leader of a UK Christian men’s ministry.
As a baby, Peter was seriously burned in a house fire when less than a year old; then, at 15, he was stabbed in a gang fight; he became a hit-and-run victim at 24 and faced parental suicide at 27.
Despite Peter’s own addictive lifestyle, his life was remarkably turned around at the age of 30 after he was led to faith in Christ by his sister, Annette, as she talked with Peter on the phone.
He had been on the brink of suicide, but eventually recovered to become not only a Probation Service Officer working in prisons and tough communities, as well as a successful author and motivational speaker. Today, Peter is married to “a lovely Swiss girl, Sarah”, who he met at college and they have three children. Their uplifting story is told in the book, “Out of the Ashes.”

Published: 20/06/2013