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Pioneer evangelist David to speak in Norwich

David Hathaway, one of Europe’s best-known pioneering evangelists, will be in Norwich for three weekend meetings on October 27 and 28. Mike Wiltshire reports.

DavidHathaway365Born in London, David has led large meetings in Russia and Eastern Europe for decades. In 1972, he was imprisoned and tortured in Czechoslovakia, but after his release he held many large meetings in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Ukraine and Russia.
In 60 years of public ministry, often facing tough challenges in ‘closed’ countries, he has come near to death five times and twice survived lung cancer.
David has been invited to speak at Bowthorpe Church, Norwich, at a ‘Prayer for the Nation’ day on Saturday, October 27 at 9.30am.  The event, open to all without registration, ends at 3pm.  Tea and coffee is provided, but visitors may bring their own packed lunch.
On Sunday, October 28, he will speak at the morning and evening services at Norwich Family Life Church at 4, Mason Road, Norwich, NR6 6RF (10am and 6pm).
Born into a Christian home, David was dedicated, as a child, to God’s service by the famous George Jeffreys, founder of the Elim Church network in the UK, during a time of revival.  At the age of 15, while walking alone on Brighton beach during a holiday, David felt God’s call on his life.  He attended Bible college and pastored his first church at the age of 18 in Dorking,  Surrey. 
He later founded the Eurovision Mission to Europe and in recent years he has broadened his international ministry through weekly TV broadcasts and the ‘Prophetic Vision’ magazine.  This year, he has held large meetings in Poland, Holland, the Ukraine and Israel.
David says:  “I was born into a revival – and there are not many people alive in the UK today who have experienced that. Unfortunately, I have also seen the revival fire die out, here in Britain and elsewhere. Every time the revival fire dies out, it is for a reason – the people have stopped praying and the churches have stopped evangelising.
“For 64 years, since I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s fire has been burning in my soul – an unquenchable zeal – a passion for His power to be demonstrated in my life.”
Pictured above is David Hathaway.

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