Churches make massive contribution to city

TNPanel2005: "There is a massive contribution of churches and their members in our city," Anne Seex, chief executive of Norwich City Council told the Transforming Norwich conference. "I hope you will continue to be an inspiration to us and continue to prick our consciences.

"There is a deep and enduring level of deprivation in our city," said Anne. "But there is a growing awareness and appreciation of the difficult and unequal circumstances which faces the people of Norwich.

"I want all the institutions and leaders to come together with a single minded determination so that every single citizen can fulfil their potential."

"Prayer and intercession has a vital role to play in combating crime," said Norfolk deputy chief constable Simon Taylor.

He urged church members to walk the streets and pray in crime hotspots. This would change the dynamics of the streets and demonstrate that people do not need to be afraid on them. Simon also said the Police would be prepared to provide community criminal intelligence at a high level to help people pray for the right things. He also appealed for church members to provide intelligence for the Police.

Simon's vision for Norwich is to see it become an increasingly peaceful, prosperous, safe and just society.

"We want to work with faith communities," Martin Graham, chief probation office for Norfolk, told the audience. "Indeed the work of the Church of England Temperance Society led to the formation of the Probation Service."

Norwich has its challenges in the areas of deprivation and lack of aspiration among certain sectors of the population, said Caroline Jarrold, director of corporate affairs at Jarrolds.

"Churches already play a huge role alongside families and schools and have the potential to do even more to address these issues," she said.

Pictured top right are the conference panel : from left, Martin Graham, Anne Seex, Simon Taylor, Caroline Jarrold and chair Jan McFarlane.

Published: 13/10/2005