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Norwich vicar launches book of enlightenment

NicholasVeseyLaunch4202011: Norwich vicar Nicholas Vesey has spoken of his new biographical book Developing Consciousness - about his own road to enlightenment – at a launch event in the city. Rev Gordon Melvin reports.

The invitation for the evening was from 7pm. Having arrived slightly early, I thought I had better hover nearby before going in punctually at 7. What if there was nobody there? I certainly did not want to be the first arrival.
I was pleasantly surprised when my resolve broke and I entered the fine lofty medieval church which is home to the Norwich Christian Resource Centre and it appeared as if I had in fact arrived late!
The new author was surrounded by people, from his church, the diocese, followers from his landmark ‘Developing Consciousness’ series and the community of people that have attended the many events arranged by Nicholas Vesey (including speakers such as Fr. Richard Rohr, James Finley, and Cynthia Bourgeault), family and friends, including some people that had not caught glimpse of Nicholas for over 20 years. 
As books were being sold, people were sipping wine, engaging in upbeat and meaningful conversations, and networking.
Nicholas then said a few words about the creation of the book and his journey into the American desert during his sabbatical leave - where under rigorous discipline, the book was created and crafted page by page. He then took the opportunity to read aloud some thought-provoking sections of the book.
NicholasVeseyLaunch370What came across was the practical, readable, approachable manner of the style and content of the book.
I came away with two copies having felt inspired to give one to a friend before I had even read mine.
The author further engaged people when saying this is a book you can disagree with - engage with it and find your own way with this timeless theme.
The evening had a sense of a journey shared - thus enabling a whole new level of journey yet to be explored as a consequence.

“Developing Consciousness: A Roadmap of the Journey to Enlightenment”, is published by O Books and is now available to buy online at Amazon or at the Norwich Christian Resource Centre or Waterstones in Norwich.

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