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Norwich professor pens Holy Week reflections

Roof bosses2011: A Norwich Professor has developed a new course of readings, writings and images for reflection during Holy Week 2011.

The course, illustrated with stunning pictures of the Norwich Cathedral roof bosses, has just been published on the Diocese of Norwich website.

Professor Richard Ball, a consultant pathologist at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital explains how the idea for the daily readings came about:

"In 2009, I attended an excellent study day, held at St Luke’s Church, Norwich. In the afternoon, I took part in a stimulating session on creative writing led by Rev. Corin Child. It was a formative experience, unlocking an interest in, and enjoyment of, writing for pleasure that has persisted and grown.
Last Lent, Richard wrote a poem about Christ’s crucifixion. Realising that poetry could be used in a Bible-based study project for Holy Week, he discussed the idea with two friends, Phillip McFadyen and Richard Seel, who joined him in producing something that might be of interest to fellow Christians.

They have used the King James Version of the Bible - this year marking the 400th anniversary of its publication. Each Bible reading is followed by questions and a poem and/or other writing, with suggestions for personal activity and prayer.

The daily units are suitable for individual study and reflection but could also be used by small groups.
Paul Hurst has graciously allowed them to use some of his photographs of roof bosses from the nave of Norwich Cathedral. He selected the images to provide visual enlivenment of the text and a different perspective on the Bible readings.
The authors hope that the use of these daily readings, images and reflections during Holy Week may reinforce and develop the reader’s knowledge and faith, stimulating an examination of both and a translation of their appreciation to everyday life.

For more information contact Revd Richard Seel, 01508 521 938;
Pictured above: Roof bosses photographed by Paul Hurst.  

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