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Public Bible reading in Norwich takes shape

kj bible2011: An eight-day Bible reading marathon to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible took place in Norwich involving 68 readers, including Bishop Graham and the Archdeacon of Norwich.

Throughout 2011 there are events and exhibitions around the country, as well as TV and radio programmes, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication in 1611 of The King James Bible (also known as The Authorised Version).
This book is widely regarded as a great work of literature and scholarship. It has shaped the English language and underpinned the values and culture of this country ever since its first publication in 1611.
In Norwich there was an ambitious public reading of the King James Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library in Norwich, from 12 noon Sunday 10th April to 4 pm Sunday 17th April 2011 throughout most of the Library opening hours.

This exciting event has been initiated by Dr Derek Haylock, an elder of Surrey Chapel Free Church, Norwich, and is being organised in conjunction with the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library, supported by Transforming Norwich and the Diocese of Norfolk.


The reading was done by a total of 68 readers drawn from a wide variety of local churches.


The reading started at 12 noon on Sunday 10th April, with the Bishop of Norwich, Graham James, and 14-year-old Martin Walton from Surrey Chapel sharing the reading of the first nine chapters of Genesis. It concluded around 4 pm on Sunday 17th April, with the Archdeacon of Norwich, Jan McFarlane, and Pastor Tom Chapman of Surrey Chapel reading the book of Revelation.



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