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Devoted album Evan-sent direct from Norwich

EvanRogers450Review by Martin Kentish
2011: South African born Evan Rogers, worship leader at King’s Community Church Norwich has released his ninth album ‘Devoted’ on iTunes.
Described as a “17-track multi-cultural joyous romp” it is the sort of album that even the staunchest and most reserved Brit can't help raising ones hands to and praising God.
Evan (above left), originally from Cape Town, spent a year and a half at a church in Dubai. He and his wife, Tracy, have  recently relocated and are currently based at King's Church, Norwich. Evan lives with Tracey and their dog Fibi in Wymondham.

A prolific songwriter and gifted musician, Evan has released numerous praise albums, including some of his great congregational songs. A number of his songs also appear on various live Kingsway recordings. Evan's passion is to "Let the nations be glad" and is able to include various music styles and languages in a dynamic, vibrantly, joy-filled celebration context.

He is glad to have grown up and lived in South Africa with its unique opportunities and blend of cultures and loves to see many tribes and nations praising Jesus together.
Devoted contains a whopping 17 excellent tracks. It does make it a difficult album to review because there is so much about so many of the songs that is so good.
'New Song' is just one of those songs which lift your spirits and makes you want to throw off your inhibitions and whistle along to its catchy rhythm. It's one of those songs that anyone, Christian or not, will be lifted by.
EvanRogersDevoted'Jalali Yesu' and YEshu Mashihki Jai are both must-haves for anyone open to a foot-stomping cultural experience. It reveals Evan's cultural influence throughout his life. Both songs sail you along with a wonderful Indian edge and great harmonies.
"Let the Nations be Glad" just makes me want to play the air-guitar and learn the drums whilst filling you with a sense of gladness of God's presence.
"Still On The Throne" takes you through solemn moments reinforcing the Truth of God's presence even in moments when you wonder exactly where God has gone!
Devoted is available on iTunes. Evan has also released 20 of his tracks on his personal website, www.evanrogers.org. For those who really want to try something new, listen to the African Ndimbone (Mighty voices) or the techno-track This is the day (Everybody in the church).

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