Doctor speaks of life after death in Norwich

DrRichardKent2011:  Popular speaker Dr Richard Kent, a Death Row doctor, who has researched more than 300 people who have had extraordinary near-death experiences was guest speaker at a Norwich FGBMFI dinner on Friday, February 4 at the Holiday Inn, Ipswich Road, Norwich.
As the author of the book, ‘The Final Frontier,’ Richard is a retired GP from Bishop’s Stortford who has spoken in 27 countries on the theme of life after death, and the scientific and Biblical evidence of near-death experiences and what lies beyond.
He is a regular presenter on Christian TV, but his main work is now on Death Row and a Maximum Security Building in the Philippines, the largest prison in Asia.
Two cinema documentaries, “Return from Eternity,” and “The Lazarus Phenomenon,” have featured the work by Dr Kent and other Christian medical researchers. Dr Kent’s teaching website attracts at least 500,000 visitors a month. His books have been translated into eight languages, including Chinese.
Dr Kent also spoke at a breakfast meeting on Saturday, February 5, at another hotel venue (details below). All are welcome and bookings both events, arranged by Norwich FGBMFI, can be made via Robert Osborne (details, above). He will illustrate his talks with video clips and recorded testimonies.


Published: 19/01/2011