John's new initiatives to spread the Gospel

JohnWrightJune072010: Well-known Norfolk evangelist, John Wright, has undertaken two new initiatives to spread the Christian message as widely as possible.
The first, with the backing of the Bishop of Norwich, is to distribute 5,000 copies of a Christmas story called The Snow Goose, in supermarkets and other public places across the area.
The leaflets are free to anyone who would like to help John, who is a Member of the College of Evangelists, distribute them – although small donations are welcome.
“I am hoping to unite all local churches in this surge forward to overrun the enemy positions,” said John.

Download a printable version of the leaflet by clicking here

The second initiative is a new DVD by John called Talking to Strangers which has been endorsed by a whole host of well-known Christians including Canon J John from the Philo Trust, who said: “John Wright is an original and watching this DVD will make you feel uncomfortable. But I hope it will inspire you to see your responsibility in conveying and communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to others, regardless of how inconvenient it may feel.”
Rev Dr Mark Stibbe, author of Prophetic Evangelism, said: “Every Christian should watch this DVD. John Wright’s teaching – laced with moving and often humorous stories – should inspire us all to have a go at witnessing to strangers. I don’t know anyone who has a greater gift for this than John. He is an extraordinarily fruitful soul-winner and a mightily anointed prophetic evangelist. You will want to step out of the boat once you’ve watched this. It’s dynamite!”
David Payne, Director of Catholic Evangelisation Service, said: “Wow, what a challenge! Renewed Catholics will be mightily equipped and fired up by this humble but very persuasive message.”
The DVD is available online for £10 from and you can contact John about this and copies of the Christmas leaflet on 01508 494366 or at

Published: 25/12/2010