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Christians help knit Norwich Pride scarf

Norwich pride scarf2010: After months of knitting by hundreds of people across Norfolk, including church groups and individuals, a giant rainbow scarf was displayed from the balcony of Norwich City Hall this weekend to mark Norwich Pride.


Norwich Pride took place on July 31 to celebrate Norwich's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community and raise awareness of intolerance.

Brainchild of artist Helen Simpson Slapp who asked people to knit a square to show support for Norwich Pride, the scarf is over 30 metres long and all the colours of the rainbow.

"I wanted a way for people from all walks of life to be able to be part of Norwich Pride, the response has been absolutely amazing. I particularly asked churches to be involved and we have had knitting groups from all over
the county busy making squares for the project".

"Since March this year we have been having 'knit ins' at pubs, offices and church halls. The progress of the scarf has been followed by over a hundred people on facebook. We have been receiving squares from all over the world as people's relatives from abroad pitched in to help. There was a target of 1000 squares but there are at least 1500 at the last count.
Norwich pride scarf2
The scarf was carried from St Gregory's, Pottergate to City Hall where it was hung from balcony, then Councillor Jeremy Hooke said a few words and Rev Philip Young from St Thomas church blessed the scarf.

After the scarf has been displayed it will be broken up into blankets to be sold and the money given to charity.


Pictured above: Rev Philip Young, Helen Simpson-Slapp and Jeremy Hooke. Right: the scarf displayed outside City Hall. 

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