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New Mothers Union branch opens at Wroxham

2010: A new branch of the Mothers Union has been set up by NorfoMothers Union Wroxhamlk Christian Suzanne Barnett to serve the people of the Wroxham area with friendship and prayer.


Suzanne and David Barnett moved to Hoveton from Shrewsbury three years ago to be closer to their daughter.
While Suzanne loves living here, she missed the joy and friendship of her old Mothers' Union Branch.  Encouraged by her vicar, Michael Sears of the Wroxham, Hoveton, Belaugh benefice of churches, Suzanne canvassed support for a new branch for the churches within the benefice.  
"I didn't need to work at it, people came to me and brought their friends with them, they so wanted to be involved in the work of the Mothers Union!" she said.
There are now 15 branch members – some were already Mothers’ Union members, but not part of a branch, and eight new members have joined and more people are expressing an interest.
“We have members from the Wroxham URC and the Methodist church, and also diocesan members join our meetings on a regular basis,” Suzanne explains. “We’re keen to let people know, that despite common misconceptions, you don’t have to be a mother to join – you can even be a man! Another misunderstanding is that divorce counts against you – wrong again; many single parents are part of Mothers’ Union. You simply need to be a baptised Christian and in support of the aims of Mothers’ Union.”
Suzanne BarnettFor some new members of the branch, it has been a lifeline. One member described how she had struggled to get out of the house socialising again after a long-term illness: “The kindness and gentle hand of friendship that has been offered to me has helped beyond measure.”
Over the past few months the group has simply been meeting to share and pray and support the valuable work of Mothers’ Union in the UK and overseas, but members will soon start to look at how the branch can have an impact in the Wroxham area too.
Mothers'Union Wroxham Benefice Branch meets every third Tuesday morning at 10-30am at St. Mary’s Church, St Mary's Close, Wroxham NR12 8SG. 
Find out more from branch leader Suzanne Barnett on: 01603 782002, or email:


Pictured above: members of the Wroxham benefice Mothers' Union and right: Suzanne Barnett.

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