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Norwich Christian charity offers helping hand

BesomVanby Duncan MacInnes 
2010: If you wanted to set up a Christian charity to help those in need in Norwich, I wonder how you would go about it? Perhaps you would want to:
  • Support all the wonderful existing agencies in our city including The Magdalene Group, Pregnancy Crisis, Embrace Young Mums, Hebron Trust, The Matthew Project, Julian Housing, Move on East and Stonham Housing
  • Encourage the involvement of Christians from churches all over the city in order to work together in unity
  • Have prayer at the centre, with Christians from different denominations regularly meeting together to seek God’s guidance
  • Encourage Christians to volunteer, when they feel prompted, but without the need to commit regularly
  • Ensure that the service provided is high quality and professional but free to those receiving
  • Keep administrative costs near to zero so that all funds go to those in need
  • Infuse the charity with Biblical principles
BesomRucksacksWebThe good news is that there is already a Christian charity in Norwich that strives to do all these things and it is called The Besom in Norwich. Founded in 2003, you may have seen the charity’s van out on delivery runs in and around Norwich. The core team who run Besom meet every Wednesday morning to plan and pray and in addition meet one evening per month at a church in Norwich.
Could we come to your church for this evening meeting? We would love to pray with you for those in need in our city. If you are interested in hosting an evening meeting, please phone the Besom on 07731 411553 or e-mail us at We very much hope to hear from you.    


., 19/03/2010

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