African 'refugee' church sets up in Norwich hall

RiversofLifeBy Rev Nicholas Vesey
2010: A church which started life in the refugee camps of the Congo in Africa has established itself in a Norwich church hall and has just joined Transforming Norwich.
The Swahili speaking ‘Rivers of Life’ Church, is currently based in St Augustine’s Hall where it meets on Sunday afternoons.
The congregation is made up of displaced people from the Democratic Republic of Congo who for many years lived in refugee camps around Africa. They began the church in these camps and then came to Norwich.
Pastor Didier Ngolo, pictured above with secretary John Rajabu and Scolastica Mokake, the assistant to the pastor, said: “We are delighted to be welcomed to Norwich in such a hospitable way. We are very please to be joining the group.”
The Rivers of Life church number about 50 adults and 30 children in their group. They have a Gospel Choir, which performs professionally, and specialises in supporting people when they arrive in this country from abroad.
“We do need some help,” said Ngolo. “We hope to set up some English classes and computer classes. If anyone could do some teaching in these areas we would be most grateful. We are also looking for anyone who can help us through the maze of grant applications.”
The Rivers of Life Choir will be appearing in the up and coming Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk event in June.
If you can help the church in any way, please contact Pastor Didier on

Published: 11/03/2010