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Norwich church worker is backed by community

ShelleyLogan2010: A Norwich church has appointed a new family worker to help serve its local community and the move has received a positive response from local schools, Police and other public organisations.
Approximately a year ago, Meadow Way Chapel in Hellesdon felt it was appropriate to respond to the needs in their locality by appointing a Family Worker to serve the community. 
Shelley Logan (right) has now been appointed and, along with her husband Paul, moved into the area at the beginning of January to take up the role. 

A trained nursery nurse and mother of two grown-up children, Shelley brings experience of working with families and as a schools worker in her home town of Pontefract, Yorkshire.
She is using her first couple of months in the role speaking to schools, local police, public bodies and other organisations already working in the area, seeking the best ways to support families.
So far the reception has been tremendously positive with a number of schools and other organisations handing out questionnaires to parents asking two questions: What do you think are the top three needs for families in our area? and What do you think could be done to begin to meet those needs?
When all the information has been received the church leadership, along with Shelley will prayerfully be seeking ways to begin to meet those needs. 

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