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Christmas food distributed to needy in Norwich

KedeshBobLinda32010: A last minute delivery of food answered the prayers of organisers at a Norwich Christian drop-in centre who fed dozens of needy people with a Christmas feast.


The Kedesh drop-in centre on Magdalen street, Norwich is open to anybody who wants a warm place to go, a chat, prayer or practical help. It is run by Christian missionary couple Bob and Linda Humphries who, for the second year running, put on a free Christmas buffet dinner on Friday 18th December.


The dinner started at noon and by mid afternoon the table began to look a little short of food and Bob and Linda began to wonder if there would be enough as the centre was open until 4pm.


Outreach practice nurse Carrie Sant who holds a clinic at Kedesh on Friday afternoons explains what happened next, "All of a sudden a lady walked in with all these sandwiches. She wasn't somebody that anybody knew and it really was quite amazing."

Bob continues, "She said because her village school was closed due to the snow could we use the 50 sandwiches and baps usually eaten by the schoolchildren in their lunch break rather than throw them away."

After the meal twelve turkey sandwiches and wraps were collected up, along with crisps and sweets left over from the buffet.  Carrie took this extra food and distributed it to Norwich homeless hostel Bishopbridge House, who were accommodating more people than usual due to the exceptionally cold weather.


The story of God's providence does not end there, as Carrie explains, "I am a street chaplain and we had some turkeys donated through the Besom project to distribute to needy families. I thought it would be a good idea to get some healthy things to go with them to make up some hampers. I went to buy some fruit and veg from Aldi and just as I got there I discovered that all the fruit and veg had been reduced to just 10p. This was yet another amazing thing!"

Bob and Linda would like to thanks all those who donated cash and supplies to the Kedesh Drop-in and would like to thank them for their kindness and support to the ministry. 


., 27/12/2009

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