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Ride of courage from ex-Norwich biker Chris

ChrisMorleyOultonParkJune09By Sandie Shirley
2009: A broken shoulder, collarbone and ribs were not enough to put off former-Norwich motorcyclist Chris Morley, who made a remarkable come-back from injury this season to win Oulton Park's prestigious allcomers motorcycle race.
Pitting his wits and skill against 40 tough competitors, he took the 100mph corners, to lap a quarter of the field and win by nine seconds. 
The ride of courage was a rapid turnaround for the 40 year-old Christian, who broke his shoulder, collarbone and ribs at the first race meeting of the year at Tonfanau, Wales 
"Tested, I kept the faith and pushed through," says Chris, who grew up in Cringleford near Norwich.
The former British championship competitor and youngest rider in Suzuki GB's factory race team was side-lined by serious injuries for 17 years before returning to the circuit last year.
"I was impatient to do well and had a number of big accidents that cut short my racing career when I fractured three spinal vertebrae in one crash and four in another," said Chris.  
He switched from racing bikes to managing business trade associations in London but ten years ago he grappled with a serious, progressive illness that was not cured by conventional means.
"Someone suggested I ask God to come into my life and heal me; I was willing to try anything and as soon as I did I made an instant recovery and now God is restoring those lost racing years," said Chris, who currently rides a Yamaha Formula 400 and is backed by www.proppa.com  
His father, a Grand Prix competitor who travelled the world, influenced his career. "I inherited dad's love of bikes. At 16, I scrabbled enough money together for a road bike but my family believed I would be safer on the track than the road so they helped me get started. It is a lot easier when you have someone steering you who has been there and done it. I was winning regional championships within a year and running at the front in national championships within two years.
"While I believe God is certainly with me when I race, I know I am not assured of instant perspiration-free success. When I corner at 100mph with my knee scraping the ground, I do not think I cannot be hurt but my faith helps me with the negative consequences of fear, which should not be confused with recklessness. In the insular world of bike racing I am seen as credible and people are interested in my belief."

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Pictured above, Chris Morley competes on his Yamaha Formula 400.


., 20/12/2009

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