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Church leaders learn how to access funding pots

PaulWhitnallBy Susie Knights

2009: The Norwich City board room at Carrow Road was the setting for Christian leaders to learn how to translate the language of Government and enable them to access funds and resources for mission purposes.
Over 35 leaders and representatives from churches and Christian orgnaisations from across Norfolk heard funding expert Paul Whitnall (right) look at some recent and live examples of government initiatives, which may help churches deliver their mission and realise their dreams.
The free seminar was put on by the Jerusalem Trust and YMCA Norfolk, whose chief executive, Tim Sweeting spoke of the importance of working together to positively change our community and having a clear understanding as to how those who govern us can help us achieve our goals.
Paul stressed he is not an apologist for the current or any other Government but is interested in the place where social issues and Christian faith meet. He advises churches and other charities on how to be stronger and obtain necessary funding.
Paul’s presentation included:
  • Understanding of trends of thinking
  • Places to find out how to keep up with the latest information and resources
  • Specific funding opportunities
  • Where to look
  • How to find out more
  • Who to contact
  • What to say
  • An idea of who can or could help
  • Supporters
  • Consultants
  • Potential partners and collaborators
The full presentation can be viewed or downloaded below


Reproduced from the YMCA Norfolk web site. Used with permission.

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