Norwich Good News travels as far as China

ChineseGoodNewsGood News not only travels fast but also travels far. This has been borne out with some of the recent editions of Good News for Norwich & Norfolk that have been delivered to the premises of Wroxham Road Methodist Church.
Normally used for outreach in the local area, some have been sent a tiny bit further afield and ended up in China!
The reason behind this amazing story lies in the fact that over the past ten years the Chinese Christian community in Norfolk have been meeting for worship and fellowship at the Methodist Church in Sprowston.
They are so happy with the facility and proud to have the freedom for worship that they send copies of Good News for Norwich & Norfolk newspapers to their relatives in China.
From small beginnings, the lively congregation has now grown numerically to sometimes over 50 says Methodist Link Officer, Margaret Hardingham, and many have been baptised by immersion.
Although scheduled to meet on Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings and afternoons, the times have to fit in with the difficult and unsociable hours that many of the group have to work, especially those in the catering trade.
One Enquirers Class meets at midnight in a Take Away Shop after it closes!
Billy Wong and his wife Lydia, who own a fish and chip shop nearby played a prominent part in forming the local congregation which nationally is overseen by Rev David Foo and Edmund and Amy Tsui from King’s Cross in London and Milton Keynes respectively.
All the activities include food of some sort. Occasionally boiled chicken feet and pigs ears are served but these do not entice too many people who are Norfolk ‘born and bred’ observes Margaret.
Further details can be obtained from Kit on 01362 637070 or Margaret Hardingham on 01603 427446.

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Pictured above is pastor Edmund Tsui and his wife Amy reading about the Chinese church in Norwich in Good News for Norwich & Norfolk.


., 27/10/2009

Published: 27/10/2009