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Norwich man launches church feedback toolkit

ChurchFeedbackLogo2009: Norwich Christian entrepreneur Martin Kentish has launched a new system to make it easier and faster for leaders to gather meaningful insight on any aspect of the church experience.
At its simplest, churchfeedback.co.uk quickly surveys any group of people online or via text messaging to understand what fruit is being created from any event, meeting or small group.
At a different level, churchfeedback helps churches understand whether their activities are playing an effective part in personal and corporate spiritual growth.
The results from churchfeedback.co.uk focus leader’s minds on whether they are making the most of the resources they have.
Martin Kentish (pictured right), designer and developer of churchfeedback.co.uk says:
“churchfeedback.co.uk equips leaders with better insight to reinforce what is already going well and serves as an early warning radar for things that are not, ie spotting problems before they do too much damage. churchfeedback.co.uk strengthens personal relationships within churches by equipping leaders with the insight to make more effective leadership decisions.”
MartinKentishWebMartin does say with caution though:  “The most important things are a person’s relationship with Christ, how that is changing, and the church’s role within that. Churchfeedback.co.uk was designed to help in the creation of Christ-centred followers rather than the kind of consumer church that ebbs and flows on customer satisfaction. “
The system provides a toolbox to make it easier to ask questions and collect the answers from any number of people, no matter where they are or how they wish to respond.
Martin goes on to say: “In these more difficult times we need to consider being smarter in how we commit our resources and more quickly understand if they are generating fruit. If nothing else, we will more quickly know if we are missing the mark in our corporate vision and the mission God has called us to be a part of.”
Contact Information
For further information on churchfeedback.co.uk contact Martin Kentish: martin@freerangepeople.co.uk or on 01603 626267


., 21/04/2009

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