Silent walk through Norwich speaks volumes

NorWalk1webBy Keith Morris

2009: As 200 Christians completed a silent Walk of Witness through Norwich on Good Friday, through crowds of shoppers, the only sound was that of nails being hammered into a wooden cross in front of the Forum.
Transforming Norwich arranged that this year’s traditional Good Friday Procession through Norwich was a silent event, with those joining in being encouraged to consider the theme of reconciliation.
From youngsters in prams to their elderly colleagues, members of many denominations walked silently side by side as shoppers stood and stared, some not quite believing what they were seeing, until the penny dropped.
NorWalkForum4webAs the sound of nails being hammered into the wooden cross by Transforming Norwich chairman, Rev Nicholas Vesey, reverberated across Millennium Plain, a long crowd of witnesses stood by in quiet accord. It proved a moving tribute.
The march, from Chapelfield Road Methodist Church, ended in Norwich Cathedral where a congregation approaching 400 heard Fr James Walsh, Dean of St John’s Catholic Cathedral, speak on the theme of reconciliation: “Although from different churches and congregations we journey together as fellow pilgrims and friends,” said Fr Walsh.
Pictured are scenes from the Walk of Witness across Norwich city centre.

., 10/04/2009

Published: 10/04/2009