Food 'miracle' witnessed at Norwich centre

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2009: A Norwich Christian drop-in centre believes it has witnessed its own version of the Feeding of the 5,000 ‘loaves and fishes’ miracle.


“News of the local miracle has been buzzing round the churches,” says Bob Humphries, co-director of the Kedesh Drop-In Centre, in Magdalen Street. “And the faith of our staff has rocketed since it happened!”


In December, the Norwich centre bought two turkeys to serve a free Christmas meal for people who live alone. Carol Legg, the experienced cook and meal co-ordinator, estimated they had just enough food “with all the trimmings” for about 15 to 20 people.


But as the number of guests increased, Carol and the staff wondered if they should serve smaller portions to make the food go round – until Bob and his wife, Linda, felt that, in faith, they should go ahead and serve generous portions.


“I remembered that in the Gospel story, Jesus blessed the food and told his disciples go ahead and feed the people,” says Bob. “I also remembered God’s words – ‘your ways are not My ways’.”


KedeshCardsRemarkably, Carol then became aware that there was a lot of food left over, so they gave dinners to all nine staff and then offered seconds to guests till they could eat no more..


“We must have served 50 generous dinners,” added Bob. “If we had charged for the meal, we’d have been 'on our own'. But this was the Lord’s lunch, and everyone was fed!”


As one amazed guest left, he said: “This has been a great dinner – and I see this as a real ‘church’. How do I become a Christian?”


And even as staff cleared away the tables, a homeless man called in for something to eat – and Carol the cook remembered she still had a stand-by dinner in the hot trolley. So the late guest enjoyed a hearty meal.


“We see it as God’s miraculous provision,” says Bob.

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Pictured above are Bob and Linda Humphries outside the Kedesh drop-in Centre in Norwich.

., 23/01/2009

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