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New book points to peace in a stressful world

JohnClements2008: Norwich Christian author, presenter and motivational speaker Dr John Clements aims to help his readers find personal peace in a world full of stress and anxiety in his new book.
Through a series of short meditations, designed to remind us of some of the fundamental bases of calmness in daily living, John offers some useful pointers on the way to a more peaceful life in his new book “How to get what money can’t buy: personal peace in a world of unrest”.
“To know the Peace of God in your life is one of the most wonderful things in the world, yet many folk these days are seeking to find it by turning to Eastern Gurus and the New Age Movement,” said John. “I am astonished that this wonderful message is not written about more and preached more often.”
In his foreword, the Bishop of Norwich says this is a simple book which draws its inspiration from one of the simplest and wisest teachers the world has ever known, Jesus.
John is offering to send the book, post free, to readers of Network Norwich, for the published price of £12.95 and for every book sold, he will make a donation to his church, Witard Road Baptist.
To order a copy contact John on 01603 436658 or at john@lifewisecoaching.org

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