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Network Norwich and Norfolk

Training for Norfolk church involvement in new communities

Revd Dr Tony Barker will lead an event on October 2 in Norwich to help churches to engage with planned new housing developments in their area.

Dr Barker will lead a day  exploring ministry and strategy in new housing developments from his experience across the East of England. We will discuss how to respond to the prospect of new housing and getting involved at the early stages of development. He will encourage about thining about our theological position regarding the growth of new communities in Norfolk, the sudden growth of population and how this effects existing congregations and church structures

The training is organised as part of Imagine Mission Strategy 2021. The aim of this initiative is to develop new areas of work in response to the changing needs of society, encouraging one another to take the initiative ourselves and build confidence in sharing our faith.

Event details

New housing symposium 2nd October 10am – 4pm
With Dr Tony Barker and the Bishop of Lynn at St Francis Church Norwich, NR7 9UG
Free event. Please bring lunch. Drinks will be provided.


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