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 Past News and Events 
Norwich dinner hears of lawyer's transformed life
Peter Spreckley, a former lawyer turned Christian leader, was guest speaker at the Norwich FGB inspirational dinner evening at the Best Western Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe on Friday October 17. More ...
GP who hit headlines speaks in Norwich
Dr Richard Scott, the Christian doctor with 28 years’ experience whose case hit the national headlines after sharing his faith with a patient, was guest speaker at a Norwich FGB dinner on Thursday, September 11 at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, Norwich. More ...
Don Latham speaks at Norwich FGB dinner
Don Latham, a man of wit and wisdom and one of the UK’s leading after-dinner speakers, shared his inspiring story at a special dinner at the Best Western Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe in Norwich on Friday, July 11. More ...
Norwich dinner hears of China love story
An American language teacher and a gifted English linguist who first met in Beijing, China – and were subsequently married – shared their story “of God’s absolute faithfulness” at a dinner evening at the Best Western Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe on June 13. More ...
Christian 'Poirot' shares his story at Norwich dinner
Former senior detective Tim Stevens, who once led investigations into murder and other major crimes, shared his “own greatest discovery” – his search for peace and subsequent personal faith in Jesus Christ – at an inspirational dinner evening in Norwich. More ...
Reg shares story of hope at Norwich dinner
Father-of-five Reg Smith, who found life-long hope and recovery after a family tragedy, shared his surprising story at a Norwich FGB dinner evening on Friday, March 14 at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe. More ...
Healed by forgiveness, Norwich dinner hears
Stephen Gerard-Hayden, who recovered from a wrecked life after losing a projected £23 million in business in the late 1990s, shared his remarkable story of total recovery at a Norwich FGB dinner evening on Friday, February 21 at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe More ...
Christian author Whitehead speaks in Norwich
Charles Whitehead, the popular Christian author and speaker who has brought inspiration to audiences in many parts of the world, shared highlights of his story at a Christmas Dinner Evening at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, Norwich, on December 12. More ...
Terry shares inspirational story in Norfolk
2013: Successful author and inspirational speaker Terry Eckersley, who once lived a life of rebellion and crime, was the guest speaker at a Norwich FGB dinner evening on Friday, November 8, at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, as well as two other Norfolk event More ...
Peter in Norwich tells of triumph over tragedy
2013: Peter Gladwin whose life nearly ended in tragedy, told his story at at an FGB inspirational Dinner evening in Norwich at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, on Friday, July 12. More ...
Colin shares global faith adventure in Norwich
2013: Colin Rogers was 19 when he met a Christian in ‘a chance encounter’ on the streets of Norwich, but he little realised it would lead to a remarkable faith adventure that took him to the US, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. More ...
‘Great survivor’ speaks at Norwich dinner
2012: A business man who lost a fortune in China, but refused to be downcast so that he could continue to share his faith in many nations, was guest speaker at the next FGB dinner at the Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe, Norwich, on Friday, October 12. More ...
Top financier shared his story in Norwich
Alan in Norwich tells of faith adventure
Ex-police chief speaks at Norwich dinner
Ex-speedway star speaks of life change
Lawyer in Norwich tells of greatest discovery
Banker in Norwich to tell of 'amazing rescue'
Steve tells of how his life was turned around
Doctor speaks of life after death in Norwich
Two leaders in Norwich to share their faith
Gary in Norwich to tell of restored hope
Ex-council chief shares faith story in Norwich
John tells of real gift at Norwich talk
Prison officer and foster dad to 40 told story
Media expert's story of hope after addiction
Marcus tells of South Asian adventures
Chief engineer with something to sing about
Eminent scientist in Norwich talks of faith
Norwich City football director shares his story
Anglia TV manager tells story of faith
Norwich stockbroker was FGB lunch speaker
Adventurous man of faith shares his story
Global climate expert shares story in Norwich
Senior officer tells his story in Norwich
Norfolk Darwin author shares his faith
Ex-money market dealer tells of his faith
Evangelist and FGB founder speaks at lunch
Business analyst speaks of life and faith
Magical Bishop tackles bats and gunmen
Psychologist saved from brink of despair
Entrepreneur and philanthropist speaks
Preacher and mentor speaks of his faith
Pentecostal leader is FGBMFI speaker
Ex-soccer star talks of life and death