Andrew Bryant contemplates the Easter events and celebrations in our churches, but prefers to reflect quietly on the impact of that first Easter.
Why is Good Friday called Good Friday and what is so good about it. Regular columnist Philip Young explains.
Rev Suzanne Cooke explains that the eternal love of God is what gives her hope during the Good Friday moments of life.
Network Norfolk publisher Keith Morris reflects on the influence we have on the lives of each other, and how we should try to make those influences positive.
Rachel Snell considers the role and meaning of the Church, and gives her view on its purpose.
Alison Hill ponders the story of Ruth and Naomi, and points out how the influence of God in Ruth’s life affected her life decisions.
What does “Thy will be done” mean?
Regular columnist John Myhill takes a closer look at our common plea to God, to see how relevant it is to modern society. More ...
God can sort out the mess
Regular columnist Mark Fairweather-Tall reminds us that we can all mess up sometimes, even if not as publicly as the Oscars, but that God can sort out the mess in our lives. More ...
How the funeral ritual can help mourning
Rituals mark life’s most important events, and the funeral is a public way of acknowledging someone’s life. Norwich funeral director Kevin Cobbold explains how the ritual of a funeral can help the mourning process. More ...
Slippers and Stars – God cares about cold feet!
Ruth Tong has been marvelling at the wonders of creation, and the way God cares for us, even in the small details. More ...
Anger cannot drive out anger
Regular columnist Philip Young laments at the levels of hate and anger in world politics at the present time, and society appears to ignore the teachings of Jesus. More ...
God understands loneliness
Regular columnist Ruth Tong shares her personal experiences of loneliness, and offers pointers that may help. More ...
Jesus, women, and leadership
Regular columnist Suzanne Cooke wonders how Jesus regards the women’s march in America last week. More ...
Brexit and Trump or Jesus Christ?
Regular columnist Andrew Bryant sees a world searching for change, and points us to the only way it can truly be achieved. More ...
Get involved for Jesus
Regular columnist Ruth Tong encourages us to step up and get involved when God calls us to action. More ...
A letter from Love
Regular columnist Philip Young shares with us his own personal perspective on love More ...
A Christmas quest for eternal youth
Christmas – more than just an idea! 
The true meaning of Christmas?
Experience the truth of God this Christmas
An appeal about appeals
No Christmas without Easter
Gifts at Christmas
Are you tuned in to Jesus?
The Appeal of the Poppy
How should Christians view mental distress?
It's good to talk
The science behind Creationism – part 2
One God – One World – We are all brothers and sisters
What would Jesus be doing?
Harvest can be a time of real struggle
Should a funeral be happy?
The curse of the invisibility cloak
Mind the Gap - God is there
The treasure we overlook
Speak out when the Holy Spirit says so!
The power of prayer in times of bad news
To bless or to curse? – that is our choice
Praise God for challenges!
Keep Climbing with God!
Is a referendum really good democracy?
Christians should learn from history
Words of encouragement to a young disciple
Death – the end or the beginning?
Rejoicing in the present moment
Ask God to help you break the cycle
The Holy Spirit - Revival Now
Money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world
How do we rebuild trust in leadership?
Responding to tragedy - prayer, post or preach?
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- OBAT DARAH TINGGI (Guest), Sat 22 Apr, 9:42am
What does “Thy will be done” mean?
"Deeply moving. Thank you so much Keith, for all our..."
- John Myhill (Guest), Thu 6 Apr, 7:21pm
Living in a world of influence
"Martin needs to go to this:
- Timothy V Reevess (Guest), Wed 9 Nov, 11:33am
The science behind Creationism – part 2
"Interesting! I have just read the comment made by..."
- Andrew Holland (Guest), Thu 13 Oct, 12:27pm
Investigating the science behind Creationism
"I totally agree. Those of us who have read Terry..."
- Lynda Edwards, Fri 31 Oct, 2:36pm
Bombing is not a solution
"Hi Matt,

I really enjoyed your article as..."
- Mark Sims, Sat 25 Oct, 6:27pm
On holiday with God
"I would take what Andrew Holland says about the IPCC..."
- Timothy Reeves, Sun 5 Oct, 9:54pm
Let climate change unite not tear apart plea
"An interesting and considered piece. Thanks, Mark! "
- Mark Sims, Thu 18 Sep, 6:21pm
The far reaching consequences of Scotland vote
"“We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children...."
- Elihu, Thu 7 Aug, 10:36am
Is peace possible between Israel and Palestine?
"Yes, Philip, I agree!

If one loves..."
- Lynda Edwards, Tue 10 Jun, 10:23am
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