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Why God loves science and science needs God

Many people assume that science and faith are perpetually in conflict. Professor Tom McLeish will take a completely different view in his lecture at Norwich Cathedral on Wednesday May 10.

Professor Tom McLeish will talk to the theme "Why God loves Science and Science needs God”, arguing that science and faith are not incompatible but rather that they are the product of complementary mind-sets.
As a Professor of Physics and an Anglican Lay-Reader, Tom McLeish will argue that the Christian faith can be seen as a natural foundation for science and scientific thinking. Why, he asks, has science consistently thrived wherever the Christian faith can be found? Why is it that so many great scientists - past and present - attribute their motivation and their discoveries, at least partially, to their Christian beliefs? And, perhaps most importantly, why is all this virtually unknown to the general public?
In the age-old writings of the Bible, science (natural philosophy) and religion are often inter-twined. The Bible is full of references to natural phenomena as expressions of awe and wonder – and as challenges to our understanding. These same phenomena continue to fascinate scientists today as they search to discover the workings of the world and the implications for human well-being.
In his lecture, Tom McLeish will try to develop a framework for Christian thinking that is relevant to the needs and interests of science and technology today. How should Christians understand science? What is God’s gift of science for? As disciples of Christ, how should we use our science?
He has recently published a new book on this theme: Let there be Science!  This is co-authored with physics teacher Dave Hutchings. A previous book, Faith and Wisdom in Science explores the same topics in greater depth.

Event details

The annual Science-Faith Lecture will take place in the nave of Norwich Cathedral on Wednesday 10th May (7.00 – 8.30 pm). All are welcome – of all faiths and none.  It will be suitable for those with any or no science background and interested school pupils are especially welcome. No booking is required. There will be a bookstall and a retiring collection.
This is the ninth annual Cathedral Lecture organised by “Science Faith Norfolk” (SFN) a local group affiliated to Christians in Science. Contact: Prof Nick Brewin, Secretary, Science Faith Norfolk: 07901 884114

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