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Norfolk churches can get to grips with the Bible 

Walk Through BibleWould your church like a day to get to grips with the Old or New Testament? Walk Through the Bible live events help people understand the Bible and feel equipped to explain it to somebody.

See the Big Picture in just 6 hours.
Leave equipped able to tell the whole story-line in just a few minutes.
Mid-week, Fri/Sat, weekends - its up to you.
Whet your appetite with a taster session.


  • reveal how the Bible fits together
  • have fun
  • make it memorable
  • encourage questions
  • tailor each Event for the group
  • simply teach the Bible
  • inspire people to read the Bible
  • share keywords to unlock all 66 books
  • produce simple Bible resources


  • share our opinions
  • promote particular denominations
  • promote particular translations

To find out more or to arrange an event visit

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