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KL Earth Day 750Klimate group entice Lynn shoppers to Earth Day event

A climate concern group started by a King’s Lynn Christian is inviting the town’s shoppers to an Earth Day event on Easter Saturday to enjoy an afternoon of live music, an Easter egg hunt, activities for children and displays that highlight the serious issues of disappearing species and climate change.

Daphne Sampson, from St Faith’s Church, Gaywood started the King’s Lynn KLimate Concern group five years ago, gathering a growing group of people together to talk, raise awareness and crucially take action on climate change issues.

On Saturday, April 20, 12noon-3.00pm KLimate Concern are hosting its annual Earth Day at St Nicholas Chapel in King’s Lynn. There will also be an outpost in Broad Street in the centre of town with a penguin and a polar bear to attract shoppers. 

The event, which is now in its fourth year, will include live music, short films, a smoothie-making bicycle, a free Easter egg hunt and displays to explore and highlight the twin themes of climate change and species under threat. A range of local groups will be represented, including the Soroptimists and the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group.

This month Daphne Sampson is also pressing King’s Lynn Borough Council to set up a Climate Change Liasion partnership. She said: “We can give people guidance on cutting their personal carbon footprint but in this situation that is not enough by itself. We have to work through local and national government too if we want to be able to continue to celebrate our planet.”

If you would like to find out more about the KLimate Concern group please contact Daphne Sampson at

St Nicholas Chapel, St Ann's St, King's Lynn PE30 1LT

Article printed from at 09:33 on 24 April 2019