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Norfolk church celebrates Papua New Guinea connection 

This year, the Diocese of Norwich’s link with the Anglican Church in Papua New Guinea will be 50 years old.  A special 50th anniversary service in Norwich Cathedral to celebrate.

The special link between the Diocese of Norwich and Papua New Guinea stems from Bishop David Hand who grew up in Tatterford, Norfolk where his father was the local Rector. In 1946 he went as a missionary to Papua New Guinea and became bishop in 1950.  He organised the transition of Papua New Guinea from a diocese within the Province of Queensland, Australia to a Province of its own in 1977 and became its first Archbishop.

During a home visit he met with the then Bishop of Norwich, Launcelot Fleming, and the Norwich - Papua New Guinea link was started. The Norwich - Papua New Guinea link is now the longest continuous link of any Church of England diocese.

The link has raised money for the work of the church in Papua New Guinea and is the focus of the Diocese’s Lent Appeal every other year.

Why do Anglican churches form links overseas?

Every Diocese in the Church of England has one or more links with another Anglican diocese in the world. These links are expressed through regular communication including exchange visits, schools and parish links as well as providing funding for specific projects. These global relationships involve visiting churches, supporting schools, supporting community projects and advocacy against global injustice. 

Pictured: a woman from Papua New Guinea wearing traditional clothing

Article printed from at 19:38 on 09 July 2020